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The Self Portrait: Decentering Identities

These Self Portraits are made directly from life. The lines, colours and words coming in and out of my head are daily thoughts, actions and intents. They include personal text messages and profound news headlines. They’re a stream of consciousness about distractions, diversions, worries and habits.

I put my hand over my mouth because I'm thinking about China and how fortunate we are to be able to speak and act freely in our country.

The sharp colours that float through the words are tainted; joyful yet unsettling.

I think it’s exciting to use abstract devices to build a figurative picture, so the marks extending into the space around my head use abstract rhythms. I think their flow, pace and gesture can be very emotive in exploring, in this case, a fragmentation of experience and the ‘decentered nature of an individual's identity today'.

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